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  •  Property Type (Mixed-use, multifamily, office, retail, warehouse, etc.):
  •  Property description (i.e., # of units/unit type)?
  •  Purchase or Refinance?
  •  Debt service must be a minimum of 1.25% ( depending on lender )
  •  Cost of the building/property for purchase
  •  Amount remaining on existing mortgage (s) for refinance?
  •  Amount of loan desired?
  •  Owner occupied property or investment only?
  •  Full documentation needed 
  •  Credit score 
  •  3 years tax returns both personal and business will be needed
  •  Contract of sale needed for purchase 
  •  Personal financial statement 
  •  Recent appraisal if available (new appraisal will be required)?
  •  Borrower 1003 completed
  •  Unit leases and expiration information ( rent roll )
  •  Recent environmental report if available
  •  Any prepayment penalty on the current mortgage(s) (for refinance)?

Building expenses:

  • Property taxes (per year)
  • Building insurance (per year)
  • Utilities (state per month or yearly total)

Do the tenants pick up any percentage of building expenses?
Note – 10% will be deducted from the gross rents to account for vacancy and building management unless specifically accounted for.

Construction Loans:
  • Complete breakdown of construction costs
  • Verification of all government approvals
  • Name of contractor and plans provided