The attached documents are provided for your use to assist in submitting a loan application to American Capital of New Jersey.

For all Loans:

  • Disclosure Statement- signed by all borrowers. Gives authorization to American Capital of New Jersey to pull credit reports and disclose information provided to potential lenders
  • 1003 Application Form- provides basic loan application for each borrower
  • PFS- this is a personal financial statement to be completed by each borrower. This provides financial information of income, assets, and liabilities
  • 4506-T-provides authorization to request tax returns from the Federal government

Purchase multi unit property or Refinance current multi unit property loan:

  • Property Application- provides basic income vs. expenses information
  • Rent Roll Form- to be completed where applicable- provides clear identity, and lease terms for any rented multi unit property

Business Loan or Owner Occupied Property:

  • Accounts Receivable list
  • Business Debt List
  • Business Plan Outline 

Construction Loan:

  • Construction Cost Breakdown- provided by the contractor

SBA Loan:

  • SBA Express Application
  • SBA Complete Application Package